A Collaborative Performance Venue in Staunton, VA

The diverse artists and performers of Staunton were at a loss for a venue. We needed a reliable, hospitable, transformational space that allowed us to create the work, experiment, and present to our audiences. To teach and collaborate with our patrons, students, and peers. A laboratory to cross pollinate with other disciplines and makers. To gather in peace and wakefulness to fight against a world turning ever into bleakness. 

This WAS that space.

Now, The Kettle slumbers until a commoner comes to wake it. 
This experiment in shared performance space was worthy and wondrous. Thank you to all the patrons, early supporters, Collaborators, staffers, traveling performers, that came to make a home there. ONWARDS!


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Banner photo by Norm Shafer // Lower left photo by Pat Jarrett // Lower right photo by Isaac Harrell