A Collaborative Performance Venue in Staunton, VA

The diverse artists and performers of Staunton were at a loss for a venue. We needed a reliable, hospitable, transformational space that allowed us to create the work, experiment, and present to our audiences. To teach and collaborate with our patrons, students, and peers. A laboratory to cross pollinate with other disciplines and makers. To gather in peace and wakefulness to fight against a world turning ever into bleakness. 

This is that space.

That space, dubbed The Kettle, continues to collect Collaborators! We are not content to wait for big wig angel investors- we want a grass roots, flip tables, holler at the top of your lungs 'cus you want it congregation! Without it, The Kettle cannot be. 


Be a Collaborator

Need a space to work/teach/rehearse/make weird noises/perform/scheme? 

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COme to a Show or class

Do you want to see what our Collaborators are up to? Of course you do, it's awesome!

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Banner photo by Norm Shafer // Lower left photo by Pat Jarrett // Lower right photo by Isaac Harrell