The diverse artists and performers of Staunton are at a loss for a venue. We need a reliable, hospitable, transformational space that will allow us to create the work, experiment, and present to our audiences.

To teach and collaborate with our patrons, students, and peers. A laboratory to cross pollinate with other disciplines and makers.

To gather in peace and wakefulness to fight against a world turning ever into bleakness. 

Read all about it in the words of our friends at Whurk Magazine!

We made this adorable video way back at the founding of The Kettle to raise our start-up funds. You can still support the project in a sustainable monthly contribution on Patreon!

"The most unique, amazing spot to catch a show in Staunton - a central place for the arts in Staunton. You don't want to miss anything happening here (and they have the coolest floor!)" - Betsey Suchanic
"The Kettle is the kind of place you hope never gets trendy because it's so cool in its current vibe. The feeling of collaboration and artistic talent is palpable." - Monique Callelo
"We saw a Spectacle and Mirth Cabaret show here for National Obscura Day. It was a spur of the moment decision, and an excellent one at that! So much positive energy and hilarious shenannagins. The venue is funky and intimate, easy to miss if you don't know where to look, sitting above a large antique shop. Check it out if you get a chance!"- Jenny Haebel
"The shows are wondrous... just the right amount of wrong." -Reece Middleton
"The Kettle is such a beautifully intimate space, filled with intriguing music, surprise, mystery and connection. We had a perfect night enjoying all of the elements of Obscura Burlesque at the Kettle and can't wait for more!" - Erin Murray

Banner photo and video by Pat Jarrett